Suck it up buttercup

As Carol and I were sitting in the cockpit in the sun, nearing the half way point in our mileage, I was imagining hearing myself complain about the uncomfortable sea state we are experiencing and how I would respond to myself. Don't worry - no inanimate objects are talking back to me (yet).

Grumpy Me: I'm tired of it being lumpy. Where are the gentle long period ocean swells supposed to be? We never seem to find them, just confused lumpy weirdness or steep beam-to swells. I keep banging myself on crap and it's difficult to sleep.
Devil's Advocate: If I may summarize, you are complaining that there is some discomfort to your ocean crossing?
Grumpy Me: Rrrright.

Suck. It. Up.


  1. Let us know when the inanimate object DO start talking back!



  2. Sounds so familiar. Vicki is even more glad not to be repeating the passage this year!

  3. Lack of quality sleep sucks so bad. Hoping for calmer waters in the second half of your crossing! I love reading the updates :)

  4. Poor sleep will definitely make a person grumpy. I love that you're able to blog through your ocean crossing! You're halfway there!

  5. I know it in no way helps to say this now (but perhaps for others planning this):

    3 people on a passage gives you so much more sleep!

    (Think how tough it is for singlehanders!)

    You look almost closer to Hawaii than Mexico. Soon you'll be crossing the equator and doing all sorts of Neptune-pleasing things.

    fair winds!


    PS The suggestion to put a lifejacket next to you works -- we found using the extra cushions to wedge us in worked.