FAQ: Naked yet?

There is a direct relationship between our proximity to the equator and the nudity references in emails we are receiving from friends.

They started popping up occasionally, usually obliquely in emails even before we left, surged as we crossed below 10N into single digits of latitude and now that we are at 1N have reached new records.

The references range from sly comments about the likelihood of decreased laundry and increased sex therapy, to people expressing their own fervent desires to be naked in the middle of the ocean, to good friends asking us point blank "Are you naked all of the time now?".

*Clearly* - yes. Well, at least mostly.

Issues one might fail to consider in one's idealized visions of bluewater sailing are: tropical sunshine reflected off the sea, salty cockpit induced chafe and trying to wear a PFD naked if you have boobs.

(This one is for you Marv. We love you.)


  1. And we love you too Marv...I remember the Endless's emails on this topic and their comments about "chafe". Keep on having fun.
    Alison and Craig
    SV Rosmond

  2. I dont get it....maybe a picture would help?

  3. So you're saying bluewater sailing is like blues dancing?

  4. Too funny! Don't wanna get some parts sunburned!