Day 3: Du Mexique aux Iles Marquises

The wind, for once, has been as forecast. We've been watching the potential weather window for more than a week and we pushed to get ready and get down the inside of the Baja peninsula for a Wednesday March 7 departure.

Also as forecast, we had a wind shadow off the tip of Cabo San Lucas and had to power past it (engine hours = 3, Livia & Carol motoring to start their crossing = sad). Once past Cabo, we promptly picked up 12-20 knots of W to N wind for the next 48 hours. Mission 1 accomplished: get off the coast with a good breeze. Now we are in lighter air with 9 knots of true wind, running, in 2 meter swells. We're moving slowly but steadily in these conditions and after trying every trick we know, we're learning to ignore the popping of the sails. These conditions should continue for at least another day and then we expect more wind.

We are officially off the coast but not yet clear of land. You might think that after sailing 300 or so miles offshore you would be able to relax about hitting crunchies but we are now in the middle of the Islas Revillagigedo, 4 bits of land belonging to Mexico. Of course, dodging these crunchies (Mission 2) isn't exactly a navigational feat. As long as we keep Roca Partida to port and Clarion to starboard, and there is almost 160nm between the two, we're good.

Marge (our Hydrovane) has been steering the boat since we turned off the engine and she is doing an excellent job of it. This frees up my hands for such important things as trying to chase food across the kitchen counter as we roll, bracing myself so I stay on top of the toilette rather than sliding into the hallway, and of course, blogging.

I am updating our position once a day as long as the amps and radio hold out. These position reports appear on our map (upper right link on blog to "where are we now"). We are checking into both the Pacific Seafarers Net (14300USB at 0330Z) and, when it starts, the loosely organized Puddle Jumpers Net which we believe commences March 11 and will be held at 0200Z on 8294USB.

Fun fact: Marquises (en Francais) is pronounced mar-KEYS. Marquesas (mar-KAY-sis) is the English version of the same name.


  1. I know you probably dont get the replies on your blog!!! But we are hanging on a thread for news about your trip. If you are not adequately excited, we are making up for it.

    Go team Giddy-up.

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle

  2. www.svbintalkhamseen.orgMarch 11, 2012 at 11:44:00 AM PDT

    Hi you two, very excited to see you're off on your crossing. We just sent you a message through our winlink account ( on the off chance it'll make it to you. Fair winds!
    Susan & Ken
    sv Bint al Khamseen



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