Chasing Boobies

I just spent the last hour of my night watch waving my zebra striped birthday Type IV flotation device at boobies who were trying to land on our solar panels by moonlight.

The first booby that I noticed had already landed. When I came up to scan the horizon, it made a noise and scared the bajeezus out of me. I grabbed the first thing at hand (the cushion) and batted at it. After whacking that booby off the boat, I watched their flight pattern, realized that they were coming in only from the port side, into the wind, and flaring up at the last minute to try to land on the rolling boat, and stood there watching the port side and swatting at them.

I am a vicious booby deflector. My arms are actually sore from holding the flotation cushion over my head. The next time someone asks what I do on night watch, this is the story that I'll tell.


  1. I hope you managed to score some pics on this as you were changing watch.

  2. Oh goodness - that's hilarious! What a great story. I second the hope that you were able to snap some photos!
    Katie and Mark

  3. Many chase "boobies" at night... a non-sailor coming across this title might think it is about something different.... ;-)

    Oh so windy and rainy here in Vancouver. David

  4. How are you guys posting? What service are you using? Are you still in range of 3G/4G or WIFI?

    Sounds like great fun.

  5. you will need to get one of those plastic braclets that says "save the boobys" and change it to "wave at the boobys" What a crack yup!! You guys are doing awesome!! keep it up!!

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle



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