Merry Christmas from Mexico

You might remember this photo from this post from last year.

I am delighted to report that the down jacket is stowed, the down booties are gathering dust and I have worn a sun hat much more often than a knit cap.

It is a world of difference. I wear flip flops, skirts, shorts and tank tops instead of fleece, down, and long underwear. When the wind pipes up, I put on long pants or a light jacket but I still wear flip flops.

Still, winter in La Paz is still winter. It's not as warm as it was and it isn't as warm as the mainland. It is as if we are easing slowly into the tropics. We can still sleep comfortably at night even as the sun bakes us during the day. We know that we'll look back on "sleeping without sweating" with longing in the future and so we put up with jackets at night without fuss.

Here is what Christmas clothing looks like this year. We had "Christmas ice cream" which tells you something:


  1. Love it! I think the "tropical Christmas" suits you well. :) Happy holidays!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Camanoe. Miss you guys!

  3. You two crazy boats need to come ACROSS THE PACIFIC!