Dueling blogs

Before cutting the docklines I read a ton of blogs. As these people traveled, it was fun to see photos of people from one blog show up on another blog and to see how they appeared when they weren’t editing their own photos (if you know what I mean). I like to think we post all kinds of photos of ourselves here (not all flattering) so I assume we look “pretty much as you would expect” when you see us appear somewhere else.

Recent examples include us finally meeting the Yoders and of course, on and off with Bella Star.

We have been hanging out a lot with the crew of SV Eagle lately, including more than one drink with their mascot “Lefty,” shown here wearing his party sombrero. Lefty gets more face time on their blog than they do so I thought it appropriate to show our meeting with him.

He’s a shady character, that Lefty. I like to keep a close eye on him.

Livia and Lefty at the Shack


  1. Guardar abierto ojos Carol! Livia es my especial amore!
    Izquierda (aka Lefty)

  2. If Lefty doesn't wave off he might get a "Righty" ;)