7 weeks in SF for $130

We’re leaving San Francisco today after 7 weeks. We’ll finally be moving around on our map again. SOUTHBOUND!

When we were planning to head South in August people kept saying “isn’t that early?” and “don’t most people leave in September?”. We kept asking around trying to figure out if there was an important reason most people waited until September. Essentially we found there wasn’t – many people leave in August as you can tell from this year’s group.

A few people had mentioned that it was expensive in California so people wanted to minimize their time here. We expect to have to pay for moorage more often as we leave San Francisco to head South down the CA coast, but we have found SF to be a delightfully cheap place for a cruising boat to moor if they are willing to be on the hook.

We have certainly spent a ton of money since arriving, but it has either been on planned expenses unrelated to being in California (e.g., engine spares) or investment in sporting goods for our outdoors addictions (e.g., snorkel gear and kiteboarding stuff).

We are members of a sailing association that has some reciprocal perks (noted in this list) but most of the freebies here apply to everyone.

  • 5 nights at the Sausalito Yacht Club – 2 free via reciprocal and 3 paid at $20/night ($60).
  • One week right downtown at the Aquatic Park – free but permit required.
  • 5 nights at the Encinal Yacht Club - 2 free via reciprocal and 3 paid at $20/night ($60). Did I mention they have a pool?
  • One more week at the Aquatic Park – free but permit required.
  • Three weeks at Clipper Cove at Treasure Island – free but permit required.
  • 5 nights at Berkeley Yacht Club – free via reciprocal (thanks Greg!).
  • 5 nights at the Oakland Yacht Club – free for all offshore vessels.
  • 1 night at the Brisbane Marina to see friends ($10).
  • 1 night anchored at Horseshoe Cove.


  1. Great info! Thanks. We're going under that Golden Bridge tomorrow! Woohoo! We'll meet up further south I'm sure, cheers

  2. Which club are you guys associated with that gives you the great reciprocals?

  3. Hi Christy, It seemed to be that as long as you were offshore sailors from far away it didnt' matter which club you belonged to - any would do - but if you were local, they were pickier about who they would let stay. We are members of the Canadian Forces Sailing Association-Esquimalt. The OYC recip was given to any offshore sailor regardless of if you were a club/YC member (as we understood it). Livia



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