Modern Haida Art: Skidegate

IMG_5721 (1280x853)

The Haida museum in Skidegate has some gorgeous modern and historic Haida art.

Below, I’ve picked a few photos of modern Haida pieces to share. The Raven and the Eagle are the primary Haida clan affiliations and, of course, this shows in the art. You also see many frogs, bears, orcas, and dogfish (look like wee sharks) among other animals.

IMG_5719 (853x1280)
IMG_5722 (853x1280)
 IMG_5718 (853x1280)
IMG_5723 (1280x853)
 IMG_5724 (853x1280)


  1. Maybe you guys can trade in Estrellita for one of those classic models.

  2. A 50' war canoe would be pretty sweet. You would still come visit, right?