Logbook: Skedans

We visited two former Haida village sites while we were at the park: Skedans and SGaang Gwaay. Skedans is the Northernmost and thus our first stop. The anchorage is for fair weather only and has a kelp forest in parts.

IMG_5755 (1280x853)

We were guided through the site by the Haida Watchmen along with a tour group that had come in an inflatable. It was very cool at the time, but now, as I am writing, I have seen SGaang Gwaay and Skedans is a shadow in comparison.

The Haida numbered about 3000 until the small pox epidemic killed 90% of them. The remaining 300 or so Haida left their ancient village sites and banded together in a few areas near what is now Queen Charlotte City.

Skedans gives a sense of that emptiness – of a village, once packed with people, abandoned and now slowly rotting into the earth.

Some images: A longhouse, a potlatch pole, and a totem pole:

IMG_5743 (1280x853) IMG_5744 (853x1280) IMG_5753 (1280x853)

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