Logbook: Octopus Islands

P1020032 (960x1280)The actual anchorages at the Octopus Islands were a bit of let down which is probably our fault for having too high of expectations based on cruiser talk. It was pretty and in May there were only 2-3 boats there and we each had a cove to ourselves.

However, the hike to the lake was wonderful. The forest looked like post-logging second growth but was still quiet pretty and after hiking straight up hill to the elevation of the lake we came to a beautiful waterfall and river (the outflow from the lake).

The lake itself was large and crystal clear. We continued down the path until we found some flat rocks sloping into the lake which required a short easy down climb to access (looks steeper in the picture than it felt like).

We swam. We baked in the rocks in the sun. It felt like summer had finally arrived.

P1020027 (1280x960)P1020029 (1280x960)  

We hung out with SV Bella Star again. It’s been exciting to meet up with people that we expect to see again and we were glad we left Rebecca Spit a bit early to meet up with them.

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