Good Show Award: CFSA

I meant to write about the CFSA-Esquimalt ages ago. We were adopted by various members, fed, assisted, morally supported and gifted and we generally feel thankful to have such a crowd of folks at our backs. In these two photos (thank you SV Baraka!) you can see the musical madness we were “volunteered” for. I got to play the angry stick after Carol – he has the wooden spoons in this picture.

 P1010774 (1280x960)P1010773 (1280x960) 

P1020018 (960x1280)P1020024 (1280x960)One gift was of some gorgeous bronze flag clips which we took the time to install on our flags and halyard while at anchor at Octopus Islands.

The CFSA burgee was flown for a few days on top of our pirate flag and martini flag. A place of honor surely!

Thank you to the people of the CFSA – I hope you follow along and let us know that you are there with a comment occasionally.

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  1. I seem to remember it being very easy to drag you both up to play the ugly-stick and spoons. Many of us here at CFSA are following your travels. You know there's always an open dock whenever you visit.



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