Shiny mast toys


One of the reasons replacing your standing rigging (the wires) can cost so much money is that while the mast is down it makes a lot of sense to make a bunch of other changes at the same time.

Here are a few more toys we had Blackline install and some masthead work that Carol did.

Two clutches on the mast for the main halyard (starboard) and the jib halyard (port) so we can get them off the main winches when we want:

P1010695 (1280x960)

A new crane for our spinnaker halyard with a new wrap preventer on our jib halyard:

P1010700 (1280x960)

A new LED masthead light with tri-color, anchor and strobe by Orca Green Marine and a new VHF antenna (Metz):

 P1010733 (1280x960)


  1. As a fellow Pretorien owner, I would love to see shots of those spinlocks from a wider angle, showing. Their mast placement!

    Sv Alchemy

  2. Hi Chris, Sure thing. I'll get to it soon. One for the main halyard on the starboard side and one for the jib halyard on the port side. Both set so that a 5'8" person can reach them if she stretches a tiny bit but with the port one slightly higher.