Logbook: Tenedos Bay

P1010883 (960x1280)<----Oysters galore.

As we first entered Tenedos we were not terribly impressed. We motored over to the anchorage closest to the trail and it was pretty “bleh”. Of course, first impressions are often misleading and as we entered “3 fathom cove” we changed our minds. It was a beautiful small cove with an oyster encrusted lagoon connecting the North end back to the main bay. We shared the cove the first night with one other boat and then had it to ourselves.

We kayaked a bit over a mile to the trailhead. Rather than going directly to the trail we followed the Northern coastline. Spectacular black and white streaked cliffs that drop straight into the water. Crystal clear water at this time of year and lots of critters laying on the rock shelves just below the surface. The entire bay has a beard of oysters which are covered in small black dot like critters (no idea what they are) and there were a large number of starfish and orange and red sea cucumbers.

 P1010908 (1280x960) P1010893 (1280x960)

After reaching the main trail/camping area, we walked the pretty trail on the North side of Unwin Lake to some rocks which would have been perfect for loud, screaming jumps into the water if it hadn’t been so cold out.

P1010903 (1280x960)

As it is, I (Livia) still had a short-lived polar bear plunge because I couldn’t leave without doing it. We scoped out the South trail as well which looked similar but without the perfect rock entry. Blow-left lunch on the lake and below-right are the jumping cliffs.

P1010895 (1280x960) P1010896 (1280x960)

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