Logbook: Roscoe Bay

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For the most part it rained while we were at Roscoe Bay. We decided that because we had a waterfall, a hike, a lake and a completely protected bay, we weren’t going to leave while it was crappy and rainy. If we had to be in the rain, we might as well have our own perfect spot. We stayed 5 nights, 3 of those all to ourselves.

We had enough sun to hike Mt Llewyn (separate post), to hike to the lake (but not swim) and to have a camp fire and roast some chorizo over the flames. We also met up with Peter and Dave aboard SV Blue Horizon who fed us a mass of freshly caught prawns. We cleaned, made some shelves, took care of daily tasks and waited for sun breaks to run outside and explore.

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  1. Remember, there is a fine line between fishing and drinking. Maybe I should go back and take a look. Is that line really in the water?