Diesel & Propane

Time for a NUMBERS post…

Timeframe: 10 months (2.5 months at a dock) with 260 engine hours. No idea how many nautical miles – from Tofino until now our instruments show about 900nm (currently at 3466nm) so maybe 1500nm from Victoria around Van Isle, winter trips and now half-way back up the inside? Vancouver Island is only 250nm long…hard to guess.

Context: Travel in British Columbia. Diesel furnace used when at anchor in winter continuously, spring/fall most nights and some days, summer some nights and sporadically at dock to supplement electric heater (.2L an hour or 4.8L/day – 1.3 gallons/day). No diesel used for purposeful battery charging (charging while underway with motor but not at anchor). Cooking includes regular baking and meat roasting and no special conservation (no pressure cooker, no hot water thermos/pump). Gas used in outboard and Honda 2000 portable generator – neither used frequently.

Diesel consumed: 925L (93L/mo) or 245 gallons (25g/mo)

Propane consumed: 83L (8L/mo)

Gas consumed: 7 - 10 gallons. This is a ballpark figure from memory. We kept careful track of the other two numbers but we use so little gas, and bought it so infrequently, that we didn’t record it. We both remembered getting our jerry can out twice to top off and neither time was it empty. We paddle/row most of the time unless Carol is going far for fishing and with our solar panels we only need the generator when we have a number of overcast/rainy days in a row. I would guess we’ve used the generator less than a dozen times.

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