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IMG_5597 (1280x853)HAUL OUT MONDAY

Anyone who has had to maintain a house or car knows how a bunch of little jobs can add up to a fair amount of time and our haul out was filled with these. None of these jobs required us to be out of the water but when we were faced with weeks of rain we ended up doing some of these jobs because they could be done indoors.

One thing that Carol and I learned quickly when we moved aboard was that in such a limited space we both needed somewhere to shove stuff we didn’t feel like dealing with, in a space where it wouldn’t interfere with the other person’s peace of mind*. In our main living area we both have a cubby and what we jam in the cubby is our own business.

However, my cubby used to be the liquor cabinet. Our Pretorien came from the factory with a mirror backed, velvet lined liquor cabinet in addition to the wine locker. This became my cubby. The problem was that it had this fancy nice latch so that the door would open to horizontal and not further and Carol and I quickly figured out that we could put the laptop on the door of the hatch for movie nights…until we ripped the wee screws out. I replaced that latch with the same type of hook latch that is on the rest of our cupboards.

On another rainy day, I opened up our asymm spinnaker sock to see why the line that pulls the sock up and down kept getting caught. It turns out someone had tied a huge bowline which was way to big to fit through the pulley. I’m amazed we ever managed to raise the sock past that point. So I lock stitched and whipped the line into a lazy splice. Hopefully that will do the trick.


IMG_5617 (1280x853)

 IMG_5619 (1280x853)

*As in, cause a boat moment.


  1. I read your boat moment entry after this one, and just started laughing out loud... OH so familiar (had to send a link to my husband immediately) - so be honest, does your technique for boat moments work? I'm going to try it! :-) Cheers, Kyra

  2. Kyra, I'll say it always works as in "makes it better" but *never* 100% better! Livia



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