Paper Motivation

What are your favorite cruising books?

In honor of the fact that some of you have been busily purchasing things from Amazon in ways that earn us cash, I used our first Amazon Affiliates gift certificate to buy some paper books (as opposed to e-books for my Nook) from, you guessed it, Amazon. I have been keeping lists of books that I've seen mentioned on other people's cruising blogs. Of course, I forget which recommendations came from which blogs.

Here are the 5 used books I've ordered:

I can't review them for a while because I don't expect to physically have them until my parents visit us in California. Have you read any of these?


  1. I think A&E made a short mini-series about Longitude several years back. It's still in our DVD collection if you are interested... The others sound like great books so we will look forward to the reviews!

  2. I've read "Changing Course". Although informative.. I felt it was very discouraging. It left me rather depressed.

  3. I read changing course also & was disappointed in it's content. Very outdated for women of today! I think you would be better suited with all your experience reading something more challenging!


  4. I've always avoided the gender-specific sailing books for similar reasons. I'll be curious to read this one and report back.