Splicing and whipping


Carol playing splice.
We've been working hard for about two weeks now and our boat doesn't come out of the water until tomorrow. We have another solid two or so weeks of work before we get to scoot North.

Non-boating friends - this one is just going to be boring. See you next time.

Spliced eye with d-ring & stemball
We are converting our running backstays from wire to a hi-tech core dependent line (D2 for the rope people). We needed to shorten them because they are long enough that when we stow them at the shrouds with the block and tackle still on, they bang on the deck. While we were shortening them we thought we would change to synthetics rather than wire so we could further minimize banging and because synthetic line is sexy.

In process
Carol used the Marlow splice book (instructions also online) and a set of splicing tools to create 4 eye splices - a set on each running backstay. These connect via a d-ring to a stemball fitting which fits into cups in our shrouds.

A big thanks to Lauren of SV Piko and Ken of SV Seeker (both sister ships) for advising us on this process.

Finished except for trimming tail
I then took the splices and finished them off with a half-hitch style whipping from the Samson instructions.

All in all, they are not as aesthetically perfect as if done by a professional but as far as we can tell in this type of splice, pretty isn't the same as functionally strong. In fact, Carol moved a large cement block, on accident, while pulling on the splice.


  1. Hi, we are friends of Marv and Donna's from Endless. We all lived in the same marina for a couple of years and enjoyed some libations together...Mike from IO lived next door on a very small boat with a very big dog. Now that we have our pedigree out of the way...we would love to connect with you to pick your brains about VanIsle circumnavigation and couldn't figure out a way to contact you other than posting a comment. I think my email address is now listed for follow up comments ? Have fun with your haul out. Thanks

  2. Hi Allison, I couldn't find a way to see your email address but give us a shout at s.v.estrellita@gmail.com We would love to get together. We're in Esquimalt for 2 more weeks and then heading North. Livia & Carol

  3. Keep it up you be gone soon. Thinking of you from Friday Harbor.

  4. this *definitely* looks like sewing. i'm totally interested. :)



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