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I quite enjoyed this recent post from SV Letitgo. Check out a tidbit (emphasis added):
If I hear one more time : “If you leave without a sextant and a full keel boat, you are going to die!” I am going to blow a valve. With all due respect to the old sailors, the world is evolving quickly. “Yes” you did it the hard way and “No” we don’t have to ourselves. Yes you are hero, we are spoiled and lazy! Yes you are real “man”, we, on the other hand want to set on an offshore cruise with our partner, in comfort. Yes you are tough, don’t bruise, we use bandage and ointment on our side.
My feeling is that they are upset because their adventure has been popularized by the knowledge sharing and the evolution of all the technologies.  In our eyes they are still great explorers and their experience is a wonderful tool for us to work with. However, we are not the explorers of the past! Just some ordinary folks doing what used to be out of reach for many when only a few with knowledge or craziness were able to set out on their adventure. 


  1. LOL! Great post, and we couldn't agree more! We greatly admire sailors of the past and what they took on, but there's nothing wrong with a little modern help!

  2. as I like to say,
    to boldly go where everybody else has already gone before.

    toilets! who needs 'em, hulls?, ridiculous, we'll just swim there.

    50 lashes for the crew!

  3. Rants about safety are fun!



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