Ode to Waggoner


This is what is left of our 2007 Waggoner Cruising Guide. Waggoners, as we call it, is the encyclopedic cruising guide for the region. Although it has anchoring information for some areas, it is not our go to anchoring guide (we are Dreamspeaker fans), but it is the perfect place to look up contact information, fuel locations, marina info, etc for anywhere you are sailing past or to. I hesitate to call it a “must have” but there isn’t a guidebook we would buy ahead of it; we supplemented it but it has all of the basics. We’ve also enjoyed the sidebars which are often reader submitted stories about the area.

Each year we kept saying “we should buy a new Waggoner” and then we would say “but we’re going South soon, so…”. At this point, it is no longer bound, has no cover, and many of the pages are no longer in order. Because we didn’t update it, it is also factually out of date. Marinas have changed hands or closed, fuel stations are no longer where they were listed, etc. The 2011 version looked very shiny at the Seattle Boat Show.

Although we’ll be selling our charts and guidebooks for this area when we leave, I think our poor old Waggoner is only fit for the recycle bin.


  1. Let me know if you are selling your Dreamspeaker books. I have a few and would like to fill out the series. They are great but the quality sure does come with a price!
    -Pat, Aeolus (Pretorien #169)

  2. We are looking to buy paper charts of Van Is west coast for this summer. LMK if you have some and want to sell them before summer! crew att svwondertime dot com

  3. Hey Pat - Will let you know. We won't sell our Dreamspeaker extras until end of summer but we definitely will then.

    Hi Sara - Sorry that we don't have paper for the West Coast of Van Isle. I'll keep me ears open for you.



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