Coal Harbour, Vancouver

We spent 7 nights in Coal Harbour. We arrived just before sunset and tied up at the Vancouver Rowing Club. We had a great time at those docks -- friendly club. Such a great time that we came back in March for two more nights. They have a fun bar with once a week live music, nice people on the docks and they are in a prime location right in Stanley Park.

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From there we filled up our diesel tanks in the harbour and moved next door for 3 nights at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. They have two locations and we understand that their other location has the fancy dining/club house. We were mostly homebodies those nights. I played support team for Carol while he fixed our heater and did minor boat tasks in between. However, we met the crew of SV Letitgo who are on a 5 (ish) year plan to cruising and have recently bought “the boat”. They took us out to a fantastic lunch at Rongoli and offered to drive us around for parts for our heater.

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We took full advantage of being downtown and in Stanley Park. Well, when we weren’t working on the boat we took advantage. We took several long walks through downtown, bought groceries, had medium-good coffee, and went for lunch. We also walked through large parts of Stanley Park in the snow. It was beautiful and because of the cold we had the park mostly to ourselves.

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  1. We spent a week in Vancouver last summer, splitting our time between VRC and the RVYC Coal Harbor and Jericho Beach. Jericho Beach is weird. Very very stuffy restaurant/clubhouse, but very casual and racer-oriented dock scene. Had to go through a whole "process" of having a letter of invitation "stamped" at the front desk before we could order food. But...they did have the best chicken wings we have ever had!

  2. Is Livia in the "nest"??!! Great pics :)



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