Liquid Motivation

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Thank you, oh thank you, dear readers. Another chronicle in the Liquid Motivation series.

Our latest Google Adsense check came in and we took it straight to the bank store. The Pretorien comes with a wine locker. After all, it’s a French boat, right? We took out the plywood upright bottle holding insert because we can fit more wine bottles on their side, but we use the original location for our booze locker.

From left to right:
  • Driftwood Ale – A local Victoria brewery and our very favorite BC beer. Something like a Manny’s for folks in Seattle.
  • Obikwa – We had a Cab Sauv brown bag tasting evening onboard and this wine came in a close second to a $35 bottle and is substantially cheaper. A good every day wine in Canada where the booze is cheap.
  • We love Spanish wine. It might have something to do with the climbing and sailing trip we took to Mallorca after a few months of dating.
  • Deckhand Belgian Saison – I don’t know but we couldn’t pass up the bottle. Could you?
  • Peeking out from behind the Deckhand is a mega bottle of Naked Grape – a BC cheap wine that is “just fine”. The big bottle is nice when you are having some thirsty cruisers aboard for a long night of conversation.
  • Sea Dog Ale – Vancouver Island Brewery made this beer for the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy. The Canadian Pacific Fleet is based in Victoria as is Vancouver Island Brewery.
  • On top is Bowen Island Lager. Cheap. Not that great, but local (ish) and better tasting than a mega-brew. This was put in the fridge first and, after a sweaty week of boatwork, is already in our bellies.


  1. Where are we going to anchor? Next to Estrellita 5.10b of course!

  2. First thing I noticed in the picture is the IC-718 in the background. Sorry! I'm a radio nut! haha. Enjoy your provisions!



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