Liquid Motivation

We have a trickle of revenue that comes in from the ads on the site (thank you, thank you to those who click!) and also from reader/friend/family donations which, unless the giver specifies the reason for the donation (ice cream, charitable work), we decided to use the balance for "liquid motivation" during our travels. Sometimes that is caffeine, sometimes beer, sometimes wine.

Click here to see what we've been doing with the funds.

Click here to send us some liquid motivation. If you have a blog, business or charity you want us to mention in our thank you post, put the link in the comments section of your donation.

With our itinerant lifestyle, lack of opportunities to buy cold frosty ones, and lack of internet access, sometimes it takes a while for the donation to be used and then for the thank you post to go up - apologies and thanks for hanging in there.

Beer Money Gifts from friends and family

Write to us. Because of customs and borders and our lack of a static mailing address, the easiest and best gift for us while traveling is - chatty emails about your life and people we know. Electronic letters from home are a wonderful present.

The second best thing is to click on the link above and then tell us what you want us to do with your gift and we'll send you a note after we use it, with a picture if we are able -- buy us a drink at a tropical beach bar, coffee while people watching, an ice cream cone while dying of heat exhaustion, a new snorkel mask, let us buy something for someone needy (e.g., eyeglasses, medicine, fishing lures) that we meet while traveling, etc.

Deck swabbers Visitors to the boat

Things we can always use:
- Books and magazines you've enjoyed. We'll pass them on to other cruisers after reading.
- Consumables - food and drink treats that customs allows.
- Ask us what we could use, particularly once we are far from Americanada.