Conover Cove on Wallace Island

IMG_5517 (1280x853) From Montague, we had light winds forecast and so we delayed making our way across the Strait of Georgia and instead motored a short distance North to Conover Cove on Wallace Island.

Conover Cove is quite shallow and we can only stay there when the low tides are relatively high. At a zero tide we would touch bottom almost anywhere in the bay. We took advantage of the high tides to spend two nights hiking the island.

 IMG_5511 (1280x853)P1010487 (640x480)

IMG_5496 (1280x853)Wallace Island is a fun place for a cruising boat because it is one of those spots with a tradition of yachts marking their names, much like Hot Springs Cove. Most cruising dreamers have read of exotic ports of call where adventurous cruising yachts paint their names and Wallace Island echoes those stories for me. A few years ago we painted our name on a rock and hung the rock on the outside of the shed. Our good friends Ryan & Christine could not find our name when they visited, for the good reason that our paint had faded to nothing. The rock is still hung, perhaps someone else can put it to good use (please do & send us a picture).

IMG_5497 (1280x853)IMG_5499

This time we left an old yellowed chart which I had been marking our path on as we went around Vancouver Island. I thought it would be a good way to leave our name and fun for visitors to look for places they have visited or might visited on the West Coast. It will decay over time and that pleases me for some reason as well.



  1. We'll be up that way in July...can't wait to visit Wallace and see your chart! Sounds like a very fun place.



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