At anchor

A few photos of Livia & Estrellita 5.10b at anchor for our collection.

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image0008 (794x1200) image0015 (794x1200)

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  1. We're kind of new to your site, which we love. Just wondering where you dinghy is? Is is folded away somewhere? We're shopping for a dinghy and just wondering what ya'll use.

  2. We have an Achilles inflatable with a high pressure inflatable floor. It is folded and stowed on deck or towed when we are playing coastally and it goes beneath our salon table on the cabin sole when we are on passage.

  3. Thanks for the info! We don't know what we're going to wind up with. We were thinking of a hard bottom ...decisions, decisions! Would you recommend what you have? It does eliminate the cost of davits!

  4. It depends so much on the size of your boat and the type of person you are. We love to row so if we had a larger boat we would probably have a nesting hard dinghy...although once we start snorkeling more we may decide that our inflatable is better for rolling out of the water.

    We don't love the look of davits and don't want anything hanging off the back while at sea. We couldn't stow a hard bottomed inflatable belowdecks so that was out for us, but many people do store things on deck while at sea...