Leaving the Puget Sound

After a really lovely sail from Everett to Shilshole, a little over one week later when we left Seattle, from Shilshole again, we had a near perfect sailing day – so great we didn’t stop at Port Townsend as planned and just kept going, ending up at Mackay Harbor on the South tip of Lopez Island.

With wind at or aft of the beam, from 5-10 knots apparent in the Puget Sound, wind just at or foreward of the beam at 15-20 knots apparent in the Strait, and a current with us through Admiralty Inlet, we flew. We left at 9am after a lazy morning waiting for the current to switch to our favor and dropped anchor just before 8pm. We reached Lopez in time for freezing temperatures and snow and spent two nights at anchor with a day of hot tea and interior boat work.

Here is some video of our sunset under sail in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. I’m starting to realize how similar our sailing videos will start to look to non-boaters! The important part of this video is the fenders still on the starboard deck proving the depths of our laziness.

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