Christmas on SV Estrellita 5.10b

Estrellita received a binnacle mount binocular and cup holder for Christmas 2010. We have been delaying for 3 years because we were looking for a cockpit table. Because apparently we are unable to commit to a cockpit table, after reading a review of cup holders (seriously, they had a review of boat cup holders) in Practical Sailor magazine, we decided to stop spilling drinks and searching for the binoculars and pick up the Snap-It version. It’s plastic-y, it isn’t a cockpit table, but man oh man, we already love it.

Carol received a Ray Odor 3 piece pole spear with two tips (paralyzer tip shown) and is looking forward to testing it out by dinghy this summer and in the warmer waters when we reach Mexico:

In addition to non-boat spa and yoga related gifts, Livia has the coolest new sailing gloves
a woman could want and which were baptized in salt during our Strait of Juan de Fuca crossing after Christmas.



  1. I was on the fence about visiting in Mexico. But now there's a spear to play with? Just let me know when and where.

  2. Greetings from Bellingham, WA. Just wanted to say that I love reading your blogs! Cruising is a dream of mine also (though its much further out in time for me). Good luck, and I really appreciate all the time that goes into a well-written blog like this. (BTW, a Pretorien 35 is my ideal cruising boat - hope to upgrade to one someday!)

  3. That pointy thing gets used when you're on the inflatable thing? Brave souls!

    I want to know why some of Livia's glove fingers have tips and others do not :)

  4. Thanks for the rec Mike.
    Ryan - OK, you win.
    Thanks Pat! Best of luck in your search.
    Hi Jessie - one of the annoying things about boating and gloves is that you have to tie knots which is hard in fingered gloves so I used to have fingerless sailing gloves (cold). All of the long fingered gloves seem to come with free thumbs and pointer fingers for tying knots.