Everett is like Edmonds, right?

In our last logbook entry we tried to make way to Edmonds but returned to Port Ludlow. The next day the forecast was again for winds on the nose but they were supposed to start more moderate in strength and decrease throughout the day. Instead, they started the same strength as the day before and increased in strength. Strong wind, choppy waves, mixing tides...in a word, snotty.

So, we turned our backside to the wind and headed North to Everett where we spent two nights at the deserted guest dock (we had to get security to let us into the showers) and a very nice dinner with my brother and his family.

After two days we had NW winds forecast in the 10-20 knot range. Instead we had W or WSW winds. That was enough to make way to Shilshole marina (next).

We still need to record the tale of our unexpected haul-out in Port Townsend but I want to take time to do that right.


  1. Your link to the "last logbook entry" does not seem to work... We enjoyed Carol's video clip of sailing in rough seas. So many blogs *talk* about it but nobody ever takes the time to snap a picture or take a minute or two of video!

    Carol and Lance

  2. Hi Carol & Lance - Thank you. I fixed it and we are trying to find a balance between posting a little video and too much. Cheers, Livia