Rain hurts

New realization: With winds above 30 knots, rain hurts.

We left Port Ludlow to head South in forecast winds of 10-20 knots SE increasing to 20-30 South. Actual winds by 13:00 were sustained SE winds of 25-30 true with periods of sustained true winds above 35 knots with gusts close to 40. This meant we were seeing apparent winds while beating mostly of 35. They amended the forecast while we were sailing to 25-35 knots.

Translation for non-boaters: Strong wind, and in the wrong direction.

Did I mention that all of the daylight hours right now are on an ebbing current (not good for heading South)? And that with the extreme tides and storms that the Puget Sound is a mine field of telephone pole sized logs?

We returned to Port Ludlow to mull this over.


  1. Good plan.

    Sadly, this time of year is stormy, and our storms come from the South.

    I see that NOAA is forecasting NW wnd 5-15 on Thursday tho...

  2. Yikes! You guys are braver than we are. Our idea of sailing in the winter when we were still in the PNW was safely tied to a dock, snuggled in down below with the heater going and a mug of something hot in hand. Maybe watch a sailing movie on the DVD or something. You guys are tough!


  3. If by "tough" you mean "crazy" then yes :)

    And we had a great WEST wind on the North wind that was forecast...but at least could head South on that!



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