Bahrain Fort

P1010175Bahrain Fort (Qal`at al-Bahrain) is one of a few forts on the island. Bahrain has a natural water source and was fought over a number of times prior to the discovery of oil – thus the forts. Like many of the areas in the region, Bahrain has been continuously settled for a long, long time. The ruins being carefully uncovered near Bahrain Fort are in the ballpark of 4000 years old and are evidence of a lost pre-Sumerian civilization called the Dilmun.

P1010211After getting a bit lost we ended up entering through the back gate. The bummer of that is that we missed entering through the museum where we think we could have purchased an audio tour. Instead we marveled at the fort and ruins and looked longingly at the audio tour guide numbered posts as we wondered what each room was for. Because of being lost we were there at sunset which was accidentally wonderful timing. The light was gorgeous and also we were able to see the lights come up on the building as darkness fell.

Some photos of the Fort: