Bahrain: Eat, drink, camel

Let’s take those in reverse order and start with camel.

We went to a “zoo” with our host’s wife Kitti, adorable baby and the grandparents. Although this camel photo is funny, the visit was extraordinarily sad. Animals tethered, manacled, fly ridden and unhappy. I couldn’t take pictures.

Next we have our market experiences. We went to a souk (market area, half indoor-half outdoor), a huge warehouse sized fish market, and a mega-grocery store. Now, when I say “mega” remember that I am American. This store was stupendously large, like a super Walmart mated with a Costco and then fed that love child only McDonalds. Not being certain of the cultural rules I didn’t take any photos at the souk. These first three are from the mega-grocery.

Next we have the fish market. Each individual fisherman had his own stall with his catch. We bought a big bag of tasty prawns and what Kitti said were called “sea cockroaches” in Thai which look like a variation of rock lobster and were very tasty. I could wax on poetically about the Thai sauces she made to go with many of our meals and once I master the one recipe she wrote down for me I promise to share. So. Delicious.

Here is a meat and fish platter, including the sea cockroaches (closest to your viewpoint) and a Greek salad made with ingredients brought back from Greece that day by our host the airline pilot who flew there during his work day. Mmmmm…

Finally, Al Shoala is a restaurant we ate at 4 times. Four people overate for $15 and took back leftovers. I am trying to recreate their tabbouleh recipe which, unlike the N American versions, had no or very, very little grain and was almost entirely parsley. We loved it. Finally, I am shameless (and not very attractive) in my love of Strawberry Fanta. I refused to buy a six-pack for fear of drinking it all.


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