Road Trip: Rain forest

Rather than working chronologically through the trip I’m dividing our logbook entry into a few sections. Section #1 is the rainforest. O Canada:

Hwy 101 in Washington State goes out along the West coast of the peninsula. I’m embarrassed to say that as a Seattle native I had never been in the Olympic National Forest so we stopped in at the Hoh Rainforest (by the way, there is free camping along a river outside the park at Hoh Oxbow just a few miles past Hoh Rainforest). It was quite different than the Tofino, BC area rainforest. Perhaps because of the season. Fall at least was lush but less green and more golden.

I also enjoyed a close up view of a completely decayed nurse log. The wee trees that sprouted on a massive fallen tree are now massive trees themselves. The fallen log is gone but the root systems show where it was.

Beautiful. With that peaceful feeling of footfalls deadened by moss, drips falling from trees and a rich earthy smell.