Road Trip: Americana

I’m a bit fixated on weird pieces of Americana. You know, things like the biggest ball of twine. Carol, being a very good sport generally, let me stop at all kinds of whacky places on Hwy 101 and even got into the spirit of things.


A slideshow:


  1. I'm with ya. When we drove to the Grand Canyon a few years ago I wanted to stop at all the kitschy roadside attractions. (Taking a trip to Wall Drug as a child will do that sort of thing to you.) I kept seeing things on our moto trip that I would have stopped for, but making a short stop on the motorcycle is way more of an ordeal. One that comes to mind is a place that was advertising dinosaur footprints.

    I should also mention that we have to stop at Little America in Wyoming any time we drive by.

  2. I think that stuff is part of what makes America- America!