Happy Thanksgiving

It's cozy and warm in the boat, the skies are blue. I am still full from a fabulous brunch with mimosas at a friend's home and in a few hours I am sliding a chicken into the oven to roast. With a stack of library DVDs and magazines, and a new head installation already accomplished this weekend, today is shaping up to be an ultimate day of sloth.

As an Americanadian, I get two turkey-days. Except that we can't fit a turkey into the boat oven so we roast a chicken instead and this year it looks like we may be traveling for American Thanksgiving.

2010 projected turkey count: 0

Fun-to-suck factor for today: 100%-0%


  1. Happy Thanksgiving you two! We had a "family-filled" w'end on land, with plenty o' turkey and pies (pumpkin, apple, and pecan) to fill us up. Last w'end was spent on the water for a daysail out to Trial Is and back. Heard Endless hailing you and chatted with them for a while. Be happy!
    S/V Freya.

  2. You can't have a turker free 2010, so maybe we can talk mom into having a turkey "thanksgiving" dinner while you guys are here even if it's not the actual timeframe??!!

  3. Thanks Freya!
    @Ramona - This is true. It's a bit tragic. We started calling our chicken "our turkey".