Pimping the IWAC

Giddy with delight, I would like to give our blog readers a heads up that tomorrow's Interview With A Cruiser is a really fantastic interview (if I may say so myself) with Lin and Larry Pardey.

The boaters on this blog already know why I am excited. Please do pass the link of their interview along to your friends or forums/lists you belong to either directly or by using the snazzy new "share" buttons at the bottom of the interview to blog/tweet/email/etc it.

For the non-boaters who are swing dancers, think of the Pardey's as a Frankie Manning of sailing.

For the non-boaters who are climbers, think of them as a Lynn Hill of sailing.

Everyone else, just know that they are "way cool". They started cruising in 1968 and wrote the book on it...literally. They have circumnavigated both east-about and west-about, both times in boats they built, both boats without engines.


  1. Very cool, I am eagerly looking forward to reading the interview!!

  2. Bravo!

    It was well done, too.