Logbook: Freedom Cove

A family owned, float through homestead, Freedom Cove is an example of dropping-off-the-grid, green living. It is near Tofino and if you want to visit, check out the contact information on their youtube account or shoot us an email.

They grow their own food and in August the walkways are alive with greenery and the hothouse tomatoes were ripening on the vine.

The structures used to float on various logs and foam that were found on the beach but now exist on a grid of recycled fish farm floats which provide a more stable surface that can be loaded with more weight. This has enabled the family to go big with their farming.

The informal visit ended with a trip through the candle shop. Although there is zero pressure to buy, bring some cash in your pocket and consider it a donation to something magic, something wild, something creative in the world.

Can you guess which candle is Carol’s and which is mine?


  1. Wicked!
    I'd love to see what they do in winter. Very, very cool.

  2. @Willowjp4 - I know. Year round apparently!