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I am not certain if SSB to blog posting is pulling the SSB into the present or pulling blogging into the past...but we're here, on the interweb, via single sideband radio. Miraculous.
First, a note on our blog. We had two weeks of prescheduled posts uploaded when we left Port Hardy and we haven't seen a trace of wifi since and aren't certain when our next wifi access will be. Welcome to cruising the WILD SIDE, right?
I've been writing posts with pictures that will go up at some point. Until then, I'll only post when I have something that can be conveyed adequately in plain old text.
Also, for those who have been hearing from us via SSB radio, either voice or email, you may have noticed that we are not in the location of the last blog post. This is of course because of the two week lag. We are currently in Green Head Cove on Little Bunsby in the kayakers' haven that is the Bunsby Islands. Our good friend Ryan has updated our google map so you can see where we've been between Port Hardy & here.
Finally, this means that we have not synced our gmail accounts with our offline email editor for weeks, meaning there will be a torrential download of a month worth of email and blog comments via email and uploading of a month worth of written responses when we do. I'm looking forward to that because it's nice to hear from people and I miss people - but don't find myself fiending for internet access otherwise.
- More later on what it feels like to have been out a month and a half, Livia & Carol (50 05.673 N 127 33.225 W)


  1. Love the GPS coords. Makes it easier for me to pirate your boat when I see the N come down to...21°20′38″N 157°58′30″W. ;)



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