Bon Voyage Party Report

Our friends in Victoria rock. The boat was so loaded down with people and the liquid presents they brought for us that our stern was 6" in the water. In fact, we are still floating very, very low with 4 people, food for 4 and enough liquor from friends to (nearly) sink us. We've at least adjusted our trim so we are somewhat equally laden instead of stern and port down. We would also like to thank those from afar that sent us notes or called and my parents for giving us a box of wrapped gifts to open for various occasions as we voyage. Well done, Mom.

I tried to limit myself to a handful of the photos that captured the mood.

Good times

Stern under water

Serious pirates

Tooth pick?

Bon Voyage



  1. I miss you already!!! Are you still with internet? I will Skype call you one of these nights. (Craig has Skype and headset but has been gone most of the month of June....) Can't believe you are GONE! You were already far away but now seem farther! Exciting for you but I miss you!

  2. We only have internet sporadically and less often great enough quality to Skype but I'll look for you and I definitely am picking up and receiving email! - Liv