A Boat's History

A recent post by Siempre Sabado as well as wondering if someone hit something to damage our rudder shoe, started me thinking about our boat's history.

If you are curious about your own boat and it is US registered, you can find some about its history at this NOAA site (by name or registry number). The Canadian version doesn't give any history.

Our boat was built in 1983 in Mouvaux, France by the yard of Henri Wauquiez. Between 1979 and 1987 there were 212 Pretoriens built. The yard also built the Gladiateur (33'), the Centurion in various 40'+ lengths, and the Hood (38').

I recently looked at our Title of Abstract - this document is publicly available so I don't believe this blog post shares any private information but anyone involved who finds this by googling themselves can feel free to ask me to remove thier info.

Our boat started her life in August of 1983 as Réflexions owned by Stewart Smith, I believe in the Seattle area. For one year in 1995 she was owned as Réflexions by Robert A Perry (not the boat designer). In 1996 she became True Love with owner Robert Thompson. At this point, the rumor at the brokerage is that she was owned by two couples who intended to sail her around the world but ended up being diverted by growing families. I have no idea if this is true and apologies to anyone involved if I got that wrong. In 2000, she was purchased by Leroy Berges & Anne Sandkuhler who left her name as True Love. In 2004 Xylon Saltzman & Babette Siebold purchased her in San Diego (I am not sure when she made it down South), trucked her to Seattle and renamed her Clio. We assume at some point she made the journey to Mexico because we found screws with "La Paz" labels on them, but those could have come to the boat separately.

If anyone knows these people or the history I would love to learn more. I thought we were the 5th owners but now the one-year owner makes us the 6th owner. I think it is nice that the first owner had her for 12 years and I would love to find out where she sailed during that time.

- Livia


  1. Great to see your blog! We miss the boat dearly and have wondered often where she is, so finding your site today is a lovely surprise.

    The history seems more or less accurate, at least as I know it, with a few minor exceptions: 1. We purchased "True Love" in Sausalito, Ca, not San Diego; 2.With reagrd to the screws labeled "La Paz" those came from my former boat's stores, a Choey Lee that I sailed from Mexico. As far as I understand, "Estrellita" has never been that far South.

    Our two kids are getting bigger and we hope to sail with them on some sort of adventure someday. In the meantime, we recall our various sailing trips with great fondness.

    Thank you for being such inspired owners and take good care of our little "Clio."

    Warm regards,
    Xylon Saltzman

  2. Hello Xylon! Great to hear from you. We are currently just North of Campbell River. Thank you for the information especially about where this hull has been. She is just a fantastic boat and we always joke that whenever we look up something that a previous owner put on her, it is the best choice possible. We stumbled (with some good guidance) onto our dream boat. Livia



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