Estrellita can FLY!

Welcome to our newest blog feature series: ALL NEW Haul Out Mondays!

We have never been hauled out by a crane and it was a bit harrowing. Our sailing club rents a crane and has a good sized group of very experienced club volunteers who unload the boats that are currently on the hard and then haul out the waiting boats.

First we had to remove the backstay (the wire from the back of the mast that supports the mast) and lower the boom to the deck so our Dutchman system would also be out of the way. We drove the boat to the dock where the men with hard hats waited.

Then, the men with hard hats used a weighted line to slide slings underneath the boat.


And up, up, up she goes

Crane haul out

We fly


Flying boat

And on the ground to be put on stilts.

TOO Close!

We managed to get a sling on our speed transducer wheel which pokes out of the hull but it appears to be undamaged. Note to self: on a crane, the slings do not end up straight below where they meet the deck. *sigh*



  1. OMG! Looks like it could flip any second!

  2. @Valerie - The keel is all lead so we are very bottom heavy.