13 months in the PNW

If you had 13 months in the Pacific Northwest...

Where to go? How long to stay? What seasons for what areas?

One could spend a decade cruising between WA, BC & Alaska. In our current "plan" we have 13 months. We could stay longer but we aren't sure how long we want to resist the lure of warm waters and sandy beaches.

I know, I know. We have high class problems.

I posted on an online forum asking what other people would do with that same amount time and the responses were as varied as the responders.

Up the West coast of Vancouver Island as fast as we can to the Haida Gwaii? Up the more protected inside passage? Gunkhole the first summer on the West Coast? Spend a long time in a few places? Visit more places for less time?

Although we go back and forth about the decision, right now we've decided to not decide where we are going until the day Carol's mother leaves and we listen to the weather forecast. We have the charts and guidebooks as far north as the Haida Gwaii and as far South as Tacoma.

Not making the decision is the hardest decision for me, but also this cool freeing move. It's not a space I normally inhabit and it is one I'm enjoying getting used to.

- L


  1. "Flying" means to go where the winds take you. You may even enjoy it.

  2. I agree with Valerie: go where the winds take you.

    But if you are somewhere in the San Juan Islands and south, you might check out my destinations tags, where I have been slowly documenting our favorite places. I have yet to do the South Sound tho.

    I am hoping that there will be an opportunity to share some wine with you guys when you are down here!


  3. Do you have an email address we can contact you at? We can't seem to find it on the blog page.

    Carol & Lance
    Sidney BC

  4. @Bob - Valerie is very wise (she's my Mom)...and the destination tags posts look excellent. I'm sure we'll be in the Sound in the winter.

    @Carol & Lance - I'm slowly getting caught up on my email!



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