Boat Cards - Take 2

I accidentally posted about the boat cards instead of saving that draft and I had intended to post a visual. Two posts in a day and so why not AGAIN! Crazy talk.

To the left are the Moo mini-cards and to the right the full sized. I made the mini cards before we had any good photos of the boat and if I do it again I will use photos for the front. We've given out probably two dozen of the mini-cards so far, but as I said in the original post, the website on that card is incorrect.

The photos on the full sized cards are the aerial photo of me single handing which as you know is at the top of our blog, two photos from our 35 day January sail and two photos from our Thailand honeymoon trip. These have the Moo logo because they are the free sample pack of 10 cards you can order.

I love the fact that on the back of the Moo full sized card (bottom right) you can have another image and on the back of the original Moo mini card I went "arrr!"

I went to Vista Print and as far as I can tell I can't use my own photos on any of the free cards. They seem like a great option for fully functional boat cards that cost only shipping.

I'm going to wait, use what we have and decide later what to do even though I ♥ Moo cards.


  1. Hi Livia,

    Love your cards! I was going to ask if you were going to show them to us..but decided there must be a reason why you didn't....and there was. A good one ;-). I did check out the Moo site. v.nice.

    WRT just need to wait until they have free uploads. I made up a new design last night (with one of our 'up the mast' shots) for 250 'free' premium business cards. The design upload was free, as was the glossy front (but you could choose matte finish too). I did have to pay AUD7.99 for greyscale writing on the back (blank back would have been free). The total (incl P&H) came to AUD18.79. I chose the slowest postage...and since I live in Oz it will take 3 weeks...wish it'd take 3 days like Mikes!

    The deal I used...which came in an email..said valid until Wednesday 19March. I can forward it to you...but then I suspect you'll be in their clutches (email address-wise) maybe if you have a spare email-addy where you don't mind lots of advertisements from them?

    PS. Will blog mine when they arrive....and my tshirts. I was pretty chuffed about them too.

  2. @Sam - Yes please! has become my throw away account

  3. Hi Livia,

    I just sent it through.


    PS. My post should have read '..valid until 19 May' not 19 March.

  4. Hey Liv! On the Vista, make sure you sign up for the "VIP" option- doesn't cost anything but just get the better e-mails that Sam was talking about!
    Plus one of the tricks I was talking about- If you upload a photo & create cards or whatever, it will give you an option to get "matching" everything! What I do is go through & pick all of the items that I might want at some point and design them & add to order (sometimes a pain to get back to the "matching" items if not...(you have to hit [next] in order for it to "save" the item changes you have made. Then when you get to the cart/checkout simply remove them from the cart. This will save the items in your portfolio but will not charge you for them! Then you have a list of items that you can wait until that particular one is free on one of the need to pay the 25% more unless you "have to have it now" :)
    ok, 1 more tip- If you use a photo for the front of a card(especially with darker colors in it)you do not have to choose & pay extra for the 100lb better paper, they have to use it already so it doesn't "bleed through" - this is also true anytime you choose foiling effect!!

    with all that said,
    I'd like to ask Johnny what was his most fun part to play since he has soooo many weird, fun characters!!

  5. Hi Ramona,

    Hope you don't mind me learning from your tips above too! I have often wished I'd saved the matching stuff to my portfolio but had never thought to do what you suggested. Great tip!

    I have bought lots of stuff from Vistaprint (for a party plan business I was involved in) and paid next to nothing for it. I have always been very pleased with the product and amazed that they can run a business successfully with the prices I've paid.

    Some of my parcels have come from Belgium in the past...and I think AUD10.80 for postage of a box of 250 business cards is a bargain...let alone not having to pay for the product!


  6. Thanks Ramona - I got your email note as well.



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