Boat Cards

We originally had some cute MOO mini-cards made as our boat cards.

Then we decided to ditch the paid website and go free blog only and so I have to remember to write in ".blogspot" on cards as I'm giving them out. Obviously not a big deal but it ruins some of the fun for me.

I had some MOO normal sized boat cards printed out and they are gorgeous. They will send you a sample pack of 10 free cards - I highly recommend you take advantage of that. The quality is great. However, they are 50 cents each which is silly and combined with the fact that I have a pack of mini-cards that are serviceable if annoying, means I haven't splurged.


  1. Hi Livia,

    We use Vistaprint for our boatcards/calling cards (and have recently just ordered a rubber stamp and some t-shirts through them too) and some of their current deals give:

    100 Colour + Glossy finish standard postcards, with greyscale printing on back (if you want it) and including custom design upload for AUD12.80 (includes postage)


    250 Premium business cards, colour + matte finish and including custome design upload and postage for AUD10.90

    Neither of these items includes any Vistaprint advertising on them (some items do...). I have been using Vistaprint for more than 3 years and think they are fabulous.

    The only downside that I can see is that their 'deals' are advertised via email, and I get 3-4 emails from them a week. I have my yahoo account set up so that they go into their own folder so its no big deal...but if you couldn't do that they might be annoying (you could always block their address if you didn't want them anymore).


  2. Our cards came from vistaprint too. You can get 250 cards for free, selecting from dozens of templates. If you order from them select the cheapest shipping available. We did and still had the cards on our doorstep in three days. Oh, they also have a Canadian site:

  3. It's hard to beat free!

    But not knowing about VistaPrint, I printed my own on Avery's "Laser Business Card" stock (#5371) using my own printer.

  4. This post was supposed to be in draft until I grabbed some photos to go with it but apparently I accidentally hit publish instead - sleepy last night I guess!

    I knew about vistaprint but hadn't been in love with the design options (I know, I know, I'm picky). I'll try them again.



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