The Interview With A Cruiser Project

Two weeks ago, while failing to sleep at night, I started working on a project I had been wanting to start which is, in essence, 10 questions asked of experienced cruisers.

Nitty gritty: Different question sets asked of each boat but drawn from a single question bank so that, over time, each question is asked of many different cruisers, and the interview bank is easily sortable so that all interviews with a given question can be easily accessed. I defined "experienced cruisers" as people who have been cruising outside of the US & Canada for more than 2 years. I have a way for readers to submit questions for the bank and also to volunteer themselves or suggest others for interviews.

After creating the site and emailing a few people, I have my first two interviews returned and a few more boats who have agreed to the interview and have the questions in hand. People have been generally excited about the idea and interested in participating. The first interview is with Scimitar, next week is with the crew at Bumfuzzle and also in the works are interviews with SVs Third Day and Sereia.

The first interview went live today here:

Thanks to those who suggested questions. As the interviews progress, if you feel so inclined, pimp the site on your own outlet for me.


  1. Excellent job! I enjoyed the interview and look forward to reading future ones.


  2. Thanks Mike. The interview with Bumfuzzle (next week) is quite good.

  3. I bet.

    Livia: What was your greatest problem while cruising?

    Bumfuzzle: Finding good pizza!




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