The Turtles Move Their Shell

Traveling by sailboat is much like being a turtle - you move slowly but you carry your house around with you.

Despite a forecast of light and variable wind (which around here usually means NO wind) we were able to sail almost the entire way from Sidney BC to Victoria BC. It was wet and cold but lovely to be without the engine when we had expected to motor.

(Trial Island)

You might notice something different between this picture of float 4 at Fisherman's Wharf and this picture.

We spent the unexpected sunny day today thoroughly enjoying pedestrian downtown life. Poutine on the water, coffee at our favorite spot, a stop at MEC to buy some outdoor gear. Lovely.


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I need to visit the PNW.

  2. So, what's your new address?

  3. Yay for the move and for the sail. Happy to have seen both of your backyards!