Wauquiez in Paradise

Pretorien in Chania
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While Carol was away from me in 2008, he visited Chania, Greece.

He had coffee overlooking this beautiful lighthouse and he went into a shop to try to find a postcard of the scene so he could share it with me. He found one with a sailboat, perfect! And then he realized, it was a PRETORIEN* - our boat.

I was off gallavanting around Paris by the time the postcard arrived and our good friend Ryan scanned it and emailed it to me so I could read it.

The picture is such a symbol of our dreams. The sun, the blue water, the foreign port, our beautiful boat slipping in.

The photo hangs on the wall in the v-berth feeding the dream.

It is so tempting to rush off South to the warmth and the blue water instead of North to the mountains and falls but I've been reading and viewing photos of the Queen Charlottes and their beauty, while different, and *chillier*, is equal.

- Livia

*Might be a Gladiateur, a 33' Wauquiez

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  1. Looking forward to getting postcard pics from you in pretty places.



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