Logbook: Newcastle, NSW, Australia

With boat work (Livia) and a trip back to Canada (Carol) in the cards for Team Giddyup, we parked SV Estrellita 5.10b for a month at a slip at the Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

It was fun to be in a marina for a month. We didn’t worry about the weather every day. We went running regularly. There was a boardwalk all of the way into downtown from the marina dock and we went for long sweaty walks. We took long showers, rinsed the boat, did laundry, and were able to focus on boat projects without worrying about stowing items for transit and with easy access to supplies.

We found the community at the NCYC to be a treat. Great staff, fun people on the docks, lots of sail training and dinghy sailing. The town is a working class base with gentrification happening and so, for us, it was a fun mix of working port, down and gritty, and fancy coffee, craft beer, type places. There is a large farmers market and every kind of shopping we could want.

We sailed away from the port of Newcastle at dawn towards the big city - Sydney.


  1. Looking forward to your next vid, ya'll take care, Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

    1. Thanks John! I will be getting out our New Caledonia video in the next few months.