Logbook: Mbe Kouen (CLOSED)

kouen upwind

Apparently, we slid into this anchorage right before it closed permanently for bird nesting reasons. We were there a few nights with some guests from the USA and midway there a small boat came in and installed a metal post, as if for a sign, but didn’t install the sign. We searched online later and found out that they had recently decided to close Mbe Kouen for tern nesting.

P1070213So, enjoy these pictures…but you can’t go!

We have a thing for low scrub covered uninhabited islets. Although we prefer some coconut trees, these low islands often are surrounded by brilliant colored shallows, and if there is enough water depth and sand, can make for great kite spots, like Ilot Goeland.

In New Caledonia we’ve really been enjoying the view of the mainland from the small off lying islands.

We had enough wind for a kite session, followed by a crazy flat day in which we spent the entire day snorkeling, lazing about on the beach, sitting neck deep in the water, paddle boarding, and BBQing up some tasty lunch. The water was clear, the underwater scene included live coral and plenty of fish, the colors were amazing and, other than the pole installers, we had the place to ourselves.



  1. Man, you had a day waaaaay better than mine... appreciate every moment. :)

  2. Stunning! So wish we were back there too!

  3. So is New Calendonia shaping up to be one of your favorite stops of the South Pacific? At some point could you do a post about why more boats don't store in the South Pacific during cyclone season instead of beating themselves up going to and from New Zealand. I understand if they have a pile of work they want to get done on their boat but otherwise?

    1. A fair amount of boats do store in the S Pacific. Actually, all of the yards that do so are full with waiting lists and they are building more. Not enough spots maybe? Dont have final thoughts on New Caledonia yet but will post a region review when we get to the end of our stay. Loving it so far but there are some downsides like everywhere.



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