VIDEO: A Taste of the Gambiers

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The newest addition, and IMHO the best yet, in our “A Taste of..” cruising video series.

Click on the picture above to be taken to the video “A Taste of the Gambiers” on our youtube channel. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Wow. Period. So Livia, in retrospect if one is headed west to French Polynesia, would you go to the Gambiers on the way?

    1. It depends. The Gambiers are amazing during cyclone season but are a bit cold and stormy for my taste in the normal cruising season. If you are arriving with the normal migration, it isn't great in May/June/July (winter at 23S). If you have a long stay visa or EU passport, I would consider making the passage to FP in January and then yes, I would go straight to the Gambiers, spend a few months there, then N to the Marquesas, then on to the TUamotus etc