Big City Living in Fiji

photo 31 (2)Perhaps big city living is a bit of an exaggeration but if you spent as much time in French Polynesia as we have, and most of the rest of our time in places like Tonga, then Fiji feels extremely developed.

We found better marine supplies in Tahiti but then again, the French do love their sailing. Other than that, Fiji is more stocked than anywhere we’ve been by boat since Mexico.

We even have cellular internet in a large portion of the anchorages – cellular internet fast enough for video calls and uploading videos, and it’s cheaper than NZ!

photo 21 (2)As cruisers we spend half of our time trying to get away from civilization and then when we are away from civilization we drool about things we would like to have from the civilization we escaped – mostly of the food and drink variety, and occasionally things like movies and internet.

Comforts of big city living we’ve been enjoying in Fiji: cheap eating out including tasty Indian food, coffee shops and pastries, big fully stocked produce markets filled with local goods, butcheries full of tasty locally raised meats, and inexpensive medical and dental visits.

Of course, nowhere we’ve visited thus far has a supermarket as impressive as the ones in Tahiti. We are quite excited to see a Carrefour again when we get to New Caledonia! Oh, did I mention that we are headed there soon?

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